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Inspire sales with this fun, new inspirational board game!

catalyst Game

Introducing Catalyst: The Game of Insight & Inspiration


With the promise of improving their lives while having the time of their lives, Catalyst is the new board game that will unlock unlimited self-potential for your customers and unlimited profit potential for your business. Designed to be played by up to six people aged 12 to 112, this exciting and noncompetitive game has surprisingly big mass appeal. 


How is it played?


Traveling over a continuous spiral, players draw cards and follow directions to explore emotions, consider new thoughts, and gain insight about a specific aspect of their lives. All participants join in each player’s process by adding their unique ideas and perspectives.

A worksheet provides the space for you to record information gained during each turn and, most importantly, a place to write down what attitudes and behaviors you're inspired to take on from what you've learned throughout the game.

More about Catalyst's unlimited potential in a box:                    

·  Instills self-awareness & understanding                Included in game:

·  Sparks new ways of thinking                                1 game board                             

·  Helps goal-setting                                               1 instruction booklet          

·  Utilizes group wisdom                                          6 decks of 30 cards each

·  Encourages self-empowerment                             1 pad of 60 worksheets

·  Easy to play & noncompetitive                              6 glass game markers               

·  Perfect game for friends and family                       6 pencils      

·  Just plain Fun!                                                     2 dice

Suggested retail price $34.99

Introductory Offer

If you buy at least 5 games in your first order you get 1 free for demonstration and special events.

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