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"I just wanted to let you know what a nice time I had yesterday playing Catalyst. It was exactly what I needed. I haven't felt that centered and inspired in awhile." ~ Dan C., Chicago, IL

"Catalyst has this 'nudge factor'. It wouldn't let me off the hook!" ~ Pat W., Chicago, IL

"I have played Catalyst many times, and each game is a completely different experience. I get something useful out of it every time I play." ~ Judith S., Chicago, IL

"It offers incredible insight for setting focused intentions in my life. Really fun!"    ~ Debby H., Denver, CO

"Catalyst helped me focus on the change that needs to take place in my life. Thank you!" ~ John C., Chicago, IL

"Life-changing, joyful, insightful experience. Build life-long friends." ~ Kari G., Chicago, IL
"Catalyst provides a framework for creative problem solving, enhances relationships by encouraging players to be a part of each otherís goals, and it's lots of fun, too!" ~ Liz R., Raleigh, NC 
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