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About the Game

Valerie Decker, Catalyst creator:

"People always ask me why I created Catalyst, so here's the story. Board games  have always been a special thing to me. When I was a little girl, our family would  often play games or cards, and I always thought that it was the best time. I realize  now that, rather than being lost in TV-land, our family was actually interacting with  each other and that closeness felt GOOD!

 I started personal development work in the late 70's, and as time went on, I wanted to be able to meld that passion with my love of board games. The idea was holed up in the back of my mind for a long time. Then in the January after 9/11 - after the world was shaken, and my engagement had ended, and I needed to channel my anger & pain in a positive way - I sat down and wrote my first Emotions card: 'Your anger has given you the ability to move forward.'

The first prototype was done in a month. It's been almost 7 years of playing and changing and shelving and avoiding and going back and playing and tweaking and 'I don't know how' and playing and seeing what the game can do for people and seeing what it has done for me. Then finally, Catalyst convinced me to get it manufactured.

It has been a true growth experience & a labor of love. This is my child; my contribution to the future. I hope you get as much insight & inspiration as I have. My baby wants to do good."



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"Catalyst: The Game of Insight & Inspiration" was conceived and created by Valerie Decker.

The game was graphically rendered by the very talented Joy Burke. Check her out at

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